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I’m committed to providing a wide range of services. No matter the size of the job, I guide my clients every step of the way and offer highly competitive rates. Take a look at my services below and call me today to schedule an initial consultation.

Tree Removal

If required we can remove a tree, usually due to disease and decay. This can be done by the use of a climber, or by machinery, such as a cherry picker or a crane. We have the machinery to process the tree onsite and the ability to remove all logs and green waste from the site.



Pollarding will remove all small to medium branches leaving a bare skeleton from which new branches will grow back from the severed areas. In some cases this is not the best option as it puts a lot of stress on the tree. However, depending on species if a tree has got out of control then this may be required.


Pruning and thinning out is the best form of work carried out on a tree. Leaving leading lines will stop any sporadic growth from occurring and regular pruning routine every 1 to 4 years will keep the tree from going out of control. All of our work is carries out inline with BS3998 specifications.


Emergency Work

Emergency Work can be carried out day or night as and when required. There is a set call out charge to get staff on site in an emergency. However, the work carried out may require additional charges dependent on scale of issue and machinery required. A quotation can be made at point of visit or, if not so urgent, a pre visit can be arranged.

Chipper & Operator Hire

We offer Chipper and Operator Hire to companies and to residential customers. We do not, however, hire chippers alone. If the brash pile is not readily accessible then we can supply further ground staff if required at additional cost. We operate with a 6 inch tow behind Timberwolf TW150 diesel chipper for normal accessible work and an 8 inch Jensen A530 diesel tracked chipper with winch and tow bar for rough, soft or hard to reach areas. We can also hire in a 100hp+ tractor and PTO chipper for larger clearance work.


Stump Grinding

The root ball may be required to be broken up below ground level to either make sure the tree does not re sprout, to allow for building works to be carried out over the area or to be more aesthetically pleasing as to not have a visible trunk. We have the facilities to grind stumps in hard to reach places with access over 33 inches wide and to grind stumps on a large scale with the use of a tractor mounted grinder if required.

15m Tracked Spider MEWP and Operator Hire

We have a Teupen Leo 15GT tracked access platform which has a 14.9m working reach and 6.5m outreach. It is a very versatile machine that can fit through normal side gates and even through doors. It has large grass tracks which creates very low ground pressure when moving across grass. It is powered from a Kubota Diesel engine for outdoor use and has a 230v hook-up for indoor use. It also has a 230v socket in basket to attach power tools. This is to be hired with operator so you do not need the relevant qualifications as it will be operated for you.


Tree Reports

We offer a Tree report service where we can visually examine your trees and present a written report. These reports are usually required by insurance companies if you have any larger trees on your property to show that care and maintenance are regularly carried out or if you have any concerns over the condition of your trees. We can do a more involved report whereby we can climb, use our Mewp or Drone to get into the canopy to assess the condition of the trees further and present a written report if required.

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Other Services

Quality Work at Competitive Rates

We undertake all types of maintenance for residential properties including Grass Cutting, Hedge Cutting/Trimming and Landscaping. We also welcome all commercial work which includes General Maintenance to Site Clearances and Forestry.


Grass cutting and maintenance



Hedge Cutting or Trimming









Site Clearance





Log Supply

We can supply full builders sacks of split logs, loose load of split logs on truck and/or trailer, or can supply in rings or lengths to be split and processed by yourself. Please contact us with your requirements.



We can process and supply live edge planks of different sizes and species for use as table tops, work surfaces, etc., or we can process your logs up to 40 inch wide onsite with our mobile Alaskan sawmill. Contact us for further information.

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